Learn To Fly

Learning to fly can be the most exhilarating experience of your life. It demands patience, persistence and above all passion.

Airsport Queensland is available for one – on – one professional flight instruction all year round.

You can choose to take your flight training at a pace that suits you.

We operate under Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus) and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). Both of these organisations require you, the student, to do a minimum of 15 hours dual flight instruction with a qualified instructor and a minimum of 5 hours solo flying training.

Airsport QLD is a fully R.A.Aus approved flying school – (see us listed at www.raa.asn.au).

We are certified to train pilots in the basic RAAus pilots’ level plus the following endorsements:


Cross Country


High Speed (over 80kts)

Low Speed (under 80kts)



Tail Wheel




Retractable UC

In-flight Adjustable Prop

Two stroke

Human Factors

Controlled Airspace (when approved)

Off Airport Training

We specialise in GA licence to RAAus licence conversions (min 5 hrs only, no medical required).

RAAus approved Human Factors teacher/trainer. Airsport QLD employs very experienced instructors – (see Our Team for further details).

Our aircraft are engineer maintained & fully insured. We offer low dual & private hire rates.

We can also help you with any accomodation that you might need if you are planning on training in one go.

See what our past students have to say...

I consider myself to be very privileged to be associated with AirsportQLD at Boonah

I consider myself to be very privileged to be associated with AirsportQLD at Boonah. All staff including instructors are very professional & friendly as is everyone that uses the airfield. The Airsport facility at Boonah is a very well maintained, presented & clean airfield.
James Stuart

Great place to be ….beautiful country

Staff are excellent, clean professional facilities great place to be ….beautiful country
Annette Harsant

Such a beautiful part of the world who wouldn’t want to learn here!

My husband and daughter have learnt here and now it’s my turn! The planes are kept in great condition, the instructors are so knowledgeable, calm and supportive, everyone is friendly and it’s such a beautiful part of the world who wouldn’t want to learn here?

Jessica Bindon

Learn to Fly Pricing

Our rates for learning to fly:

Tecnam Golf Dual: $295 p/h
Solo/ Private: $210 p/h
Long Briefing (As Required) $60 p/h
Trial Introduction Flight – 30 Minutes $155
Trial Introduction Flight – 60 Minutes $275

* Prices are GST inclusive & are valid as at November 2020 * Prices may vary without notice.

How to get a Licence and Frequently Asked Questions

How does a student start?

Call us today to book a (TIF) Trial Instructional Flight, where an assessment will be conducted including a personal trial of the controls of the aircraft in flight.

What are the requirements to begin and gain an RAAus license?

The requirement to gain a student license is that the applicant must be eligible for an Australian driver’s licence. Also the applicant is responsible for maintaining their health to a standard required to operate an aircraft.

All students from Sept 2008 will be instructed in Human Factors to improve safety & are required to pass a Human Factors exam before gaining their license.

The student must be over 15 yrs of age to gain their license (you can become a student pilot at a younger age than 15 yrs).

What are the set-up costs & what training manuals etc are required?

Set-up cost is around $475 AUD (prices may change without notice). This includes RAAus student membership of $250 per annum including basic insurance, theory training manual $120, VFR flight guide & log book $105 (no ASIC security card required at this stage).

Thinking about it but do not want to commit yet? You can do up to 3 hours flying on a temporary membership prior to joining RA-Aus and purchasing your theory manual and log book. So why not start today!!

What exams and types of assessment must be completed?

There are 4 exams for basic licence – these are:

  • pre-solo/air legislation
  • radio procedures
  • human factors &
  • basic aeronautical knowledge

The study manual, ground briefings, visual flight guide & a good amount of home study generally enable enough knowledge to be gained to achieve the required standard. One to one extra tuition at further cost is available if required. Exams are multiple-choice. The training system is competency based; if a student does not achieve competency in a certain area then that area is identified and specific training is given so competency is achieved. The exams are an assessment of competency as well as a test of a required standard. The exams in different formats may be sat a number of times until the desired competency is achieved.

What is the cost of a basic certificate?

Minimum legal flying time to achieve a certificate is 20 hrs, cost based on 20 hrs would be $4800AUD based on Tecnam aircraft. (NB: Stats show the average to be 25 hrs to achieve a licence). Prices may vary without notice and does not include set up costs.

How long does it take to gain a basic license?

Minimum regulation time required is 20 hrs total (15 hrs dual, 5 hrs solo). However the training is competency based, not hours based; realistically most beginners with no previous flying experience take 25–30 hrs for the basic license. Students may choose to fly 1-2 hrs per week or do a condensed course over 2-3 week period.

Where & how does the basic license allow a pilot to fly?
The basic RAAus license allows the pilot to fly up to 25 NM from home base aerodrome. Various endorsements such as passenger rating can be added to the basic license as the pilot gains more experience.
What is required for a pilot to fly further than 25 NM?
A pilot with a basic licence can then receive a ground training course on navigation with min 10 hrs flying training time, generally 6-8 hrs dual, 3-4 hrs solo, after a flight test a cross country endorsement is given.